okay I always see the popular pictures and gifs of him being a badass but seeing him in his natural habitat is awesome as heck


skeleton guy wears glasses

That second picture…sucker for a guy in a sweater. Defs going to be buying lots of sweaters for future boyfriend(s).

Very rarely do I have ice cream.

I try not to have much dairy. However, I bought myself a carton of organic milk the other day that I’ve been drinking without problems (so far), so I figure why not have some ice cream?! The point is, I’m not really used to the way ice cream works, ya know?

So anyway…take the bucket out and I have the spoon in the ice cream (which is rock solid) and I’m pushing against the handle to try to get the scoop out. Pushed a little too hard and the scoop of vanilla ice cream catapulted over the counter and onto the floor. OMG I laughed so hard and I’m still laughing.

It’s things like that that make me really happy. Like is that not funny? idk. I think it’s pretty funny. 

If you want to get a pretty girl…

Grow a beard, wear a beanie, get a few tattoos and a few plaid button-ups. 

Pretty girl on your arm in like .0231351 seconds. 

I swear to god. You don’t even need to be attractive so long as you can manage the above-listed things. This is not just my brain making things up…this is a thing I observe all the time.

Now I’m certainly not as pretty as these girls. And I think ‘oh man…if someone like that can get a pretty girl like her…well then what chance do I have?’ BUTTTTTTT this guy doesn’t have a beard, you see? So maybe I do have some sort of chance. The beard is a must. That’s why he’s having trouble, poor guy. I must not tell him. He probably can’t grow a beard anyway. =]