Prefer below 26
Not Pudgy or Beefy and…
No baldies
No Shorties (males)
Europeans only, unless I contacted you first!


I can’t tell if  this is a troll profile or not…I sincerely hope it is because I don’t want to think that there is someone like this out there…

Like??? Jesus. 


There’s this guy…an older guy. Maybe 30-something. Maybe 40-something. He had short, dark hair that might have been dyed black or was just naturally dark, idk. He might have been balding.

He was performing a song like it was the last performance of his life and he was staring down the audience who were probably staring back at him like ‘wut?’. He was wiggling around and screaming…making crazy gestures…just looked and sounded totally ridiculous, but it was really interesting. Some sort of rock, alternative idek group. Unlike anything I’ve heard before.

Who is this guy/group????!!!

People talk about having passion and being passionate about stuff. 

I don’t know what I’m passionate about. 

What is my passion?

Honestly, self-improvement is probably my only passion…but that’s not even really a passion, is it? I’m passionate about making myself into a seemingly normal person. 

I’m so focused on my mental health all the time that everything else is just background…EVERYTHING else.

Except I’m not even compitent at getting my mental health in check so it’s like…that’s a failure too. 

But genuinely, I want things to be settled (ie I want to move out) and I want to become passionate about something. I want to start volunteering. I want to stop caring so much about myself and more about other people. I do care about other people…I really do. But I care more about myself in the vain ‘wahhh wahh I’m anxious/sad/whatever.’

But anyway…I used to donate money to a different charity every month. Usually $10 a month because that’s all I could afford given that I did this before I had my job. Now that I have my job, I can give more…and even more frequently. Rather than buying a dress at forever21, I can give $25 a month to a deserving charity.

So I’m going to start doing that again because I enjoyed searching for charities and reading up about them and what they do.

So I’mma tag it with ‘charity’ because I’m clever like that.