This guy i went to high school with followed me on instagram yesterday. My account is set to private, but I accepted.
Last night his girlfriend also wanted to follow me. Which i thought was hilarious. But i don’t know whether or not to accept. I have a measly 68 followers, but i follow almost 300 (mostly artists and raw foodies). So if i don’t accept, she’ll be like ‘crap…something’s up!’ And maybe try to dig around. Or i could accept and there would be no consequences, but it would be weird because i don’t know who this girl is and i don’t owe her anything…

Idk. Silly. I wish your boyfriend would talk to me, dear, but he hasn’t and probably won’t. No need to worry.

I should say, i wish he had talked to me…before he found a girlfriend.

I have a secret to share…

If you work in the city…Don’t take the bus/train home right away. 

Give it a few hours. Go shopping or out for dinner and go home at 7 or 8.

Why? Because the cutest boys you’ve ever seen in your life will be exiting the restaurants and bars that they went to after work and hopping on the train/bus to make their way back home with all of their cute friends. 


I’ve never seen so many attractive, younger guys in my life.

You’d think there would be an equal mix of guys and girls, but nope…just guys. So many guys. 

I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any likes and then I realized my queue ran out. :(

I used to be able to keep a queue of infinity, but I just can’t seem to anymore.

And now I go to check my tumblr during the day and it’s barren and it makes me sad.