I got heart shaped sunglasses (cause i’m gonna take a ride) and these super snazzy shoes with ribbon laces at the mall the other day.

I also got a bunch of $1 painting canvases from the dollar store. So many possibilities! I’m currently working on a painting i want to put in my future apartment. I will likely never finish it, but it’s the thought that counts!

Also i’ve realized that the things i was stressing out about most have been completed. A few things at work have been finished…or passed on to someone else…therefore i don’t feel any anxiety in that respect. ALSO the wedding is over (had a little dark, anxiety cloud hanging over me as soon as i was asked to be in the wedding party) and it was aweeeesome. I haven’t even really posted about it…

But anyway. It is over!

The only thing left is getting my full drivers license. As of right now i can only drive one other person (unless they’re family). But given the fact that i have no friends, i never have to drive more than one person anyway. The benefits of being a loner! Yes! Plus my license doesn’t expire until 2017, i think…but i should probably make sure. I’ll have to take another road test, which i’m kind of freaked out about…but given that i’m not under any real pressure, i rarely think about it unless my dad brings it up because he wants me to get it.

So life is good rn! Good good good!